Many of us simply don’t know the options available to us when it comes to owning guns.  While obviously an expensive hobby, they can serve other purposes.  If you hit times of financial distress in Phoenix or Glendale, then pawning these handguns can fast track you back to financial security.  Because at Phoenix Pawn and Guns, we can loan cash on any handguns of value in mere minutes.  Most importantly, our pawn shop has been helping customers get the loans they need for well over a decade, and can pawn handguns seven days a week for everyone.


 How You Can Pawn Handguns Today

There’s more than a few ways you can start the pawn loan process in Phoenix or Glendale.  Unlike any other pawn shops in the area, we offer plenty of ways to reach out to us before you come visit.  Furthermore, any customer can either use our live chat at the bottom right of the screen, or even text us at our phone number.  Moreover, we can answer questions, provide quotes, and help you get the exact cash you need!  Or, if you’d like, you can just stop right in Phoenix Pawn and Guns.  Above all, no appointments necessary, and you’ll still be in and out in as little as five minutes.


The Valuation and Accepting Our Cash Offer

Every pawn loan starts with a physical inspection in which we ensure the handgun is working as intended.  In addition,  we look at its overall condition.  We use this to compare to local and national used gun prices to generate a cash loan offer.  Whether or not we are familiar with the make and model, we check this every time.  In the end, this is to ensure our customers are getting the cash they deserve. 

Once our pawnbroker makes you this cash offer, we’ll collect a few signatures and put cash in your hand.  Therefore, no checks, no nonsense – just fast cash!  After that, your handgun sits in a safe and secure location until you’re ready to retrieve it.  Above all, from Phoenix to Glendale, we’re the only pawn shop to pawn handguns at in town.


  • Taurus
    • 180 Curve Pistol
    • 22 Poly Pistol
    • Slim 740 Pistol
  • Kimber
    • K6S Stainless 3"
    • Stainless II
    • 1911 KHX series
  • Beretta
    • 92 FS Fusion
    • Px4 Storm Compact
    • M9
  • Smith and Wesson
    • M&P Bodyguard 380 Crimson Trace
    • M&P M2.0 NO Thumb Safety Flat Dark Earth
    • Model S&W500


Paying Your Loan Is Flexible

We provide loans to those who are in times of financial need knowing that this issues take time to resolve themselves.  Therefore, each of our pawn handgun loans are written for 90 full days.  There’s no payments due during this period, and you can even repay the loan early with no penalties.  However, sometimes 90 days isn’t enough, and Phoenix Pawn and Guns understands that better than most.  To clarify, we can provide help when asked for.  In other words, we can simply renew the loan for another full 90 day period with payment of just the interest accrued up to that point. 

At Phoenix Pawn and Guns, we pawn handguns seven days a week and specialize in getting our customers the cash they need.  Because from Phoenix to Glendale, we’re here to loan cash on any and all guns you have.

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