Phoenix Pawn and Gold has a longstanding history of being the premiere pawn shop Phoenix and Glendale trust.  Having been in business for well over a decade, we’re professionals at offering our customers pawn loans and cash loans on their items of value.  When you pawn guns or sell guns with Phoenix Pawn and Guns, you know you’ve come to the right place.


Getting Fast Cash with Pawn Loans

Our number one service that we offer to our Phoenix and Glendale customers is our pawn loans.  Commonly known as a collateral loan, a pawn loan is a way to get your equity out of items of value.  From gold to electronics to jewelry to guns, pawn loans are the easiest way to put fast cash into your pocket quickly.  Using the power of the Internet, our experienced pawnbrokers can valuate an item in minutes.  In addition, we look at the current market value of each and every item, to ensure you get the most cash possible.

When you pawn guns or other valuables, our pawn shop simply holds the item in our secure and safe storage facility.  When you’re ready to repay the loan, you get your item back and that’s it!  We have different options for every customer, and can guarantee we can find a plan that works for you.  Phoenix Pawn and Gold is the premier pawn shop to pawn guns for cash! 

Phoenix Pawn and Guns is the pawn shop you can trust to receive accurate assessments, the best offers, and to walk out with cash in your hands in mere minutes!


We Also Buy and Sell Quality Items 

On top of providing fast cash loans, we’re more than happy to buy items of value as well.  We buy guns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers, electronics, jewelry, whatever!  If it has value, then we guarantee that we’ll have a cash offer for you.  We use the same efficient process for valuating items you are looking to sell.  

Ruger - Glock - SIG Sauer - Smith & Wesson - Benelli - Beretta - and so much more!

This also means that we have a large inventory of used guns and other items for sale!  You can find various items for a far lower price than you would find in a regular store.  Buying used items from our pawn shop is a great way to save money.  We have all sorts of guns and types, vintage, antique, whatever your used gun fancy is.  Buying guns at Phoenix Pawn and Guns is the smartest way to save cash and expand your collection.

We also have a great selection of new firearms, ammo and accessories for sale at our store.  Come on in, and see all that our pawn shop has to offer at Phoenix Pawn & Guns!

Many Ways to Contact Us

Unique to Phoenix Pawn and Guns, we offer our customers many ways to reach out to usTake advantage of our live-chat on the bottom right of your screen - Phoenix Pawn & Guns and get information and quotes.  You can use our live chat at the bottom right of the screen, and an experienced pawnbroker will happily help you explore your options. 

From discussing the intricacies of pawn loans, to providing cash quotes and offers, you can reach out to us before you even visit our store.  In addition, you can send us a text, for a quick response, or just come in.

There’s no other pawn shop in Phoenix, Glendale, or Tempe who provides the level of service when pawning guns, selling guns, or other items of value.  Phoenix Pawn and Guns is the best pawn shop near you for getting fast cash!

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