While not new to the Phoenix area, our gun services are in a sense.  Phoenix Pawn and Guns is Phoenix’s new leading gun shop/store providing a variety of services to customers in Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale!  Unique to us, we provide far more options than the typical gun store in the area would.  We’re able to provide cash for guns in a variety of ways, no matter if used, antique, rare, or vintage guns.  Let’s take a look at how Phoenix Pawn and Guns can help you get cash for your guns in mere minutes!

Loan/Pawn Guns and Get Cash

The most important service we’re able to offer our customers from our Phoenix gun store is the ability to loan cash on guns of value.  Because this is how the act of pawning a gun is done!  You essentially use the value that you paid for your gun as collateral and we put cash in your pocket as a loan.  The pawned gun sits in our possession, safe and secured, throughout the duration of the loan.  This allows customers to not have to worry about having “lost” the money they spent on buying a gun, rifle, shotgun or handgun.  Instead, customers can rest assured that our Phoenix gun shop can help them take that value back out of their gun and get them a cash loan.

Sell Guns Whenever Too!

On top of being able to loan on guns, we’re happy to pay cash for your guns as well.  You can sell guns in Phoenix, Glendale, or Tempe to our gun shop and also put cash in your pocket.  Whether you’re looking to use this money to upgrade to a new, fancier gun, or to keep, we don’t care!  When you sell guns to Phoenix Pawn and Guns, you can rest assured you’re getting a fair and generous offer no matter the situation.  On top of that, we’ll happily buy your gun accessories as well.  We’re all about helping our customers when they’re in financial need, and buying your guns is one way we do it!

FFL Transfers

The most important service that all Phoenix gun stores offer is the ability to help customers facilitate transfers of purchased guns.  If you buy a gun and need to have it shipped to you, it needs to go through a third party that holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to handle the paperwork and approve your receiving the gun.  Phoenix Pawn and Guns is of course the place to go for FFL Transfers as we offer a low, low price of only $25 to all customers, and can handle them pretty much seven days a week!  The process is quick and simple no matter where you’re from.  Take a look at our page here if you’d like our help in taking possession of a gun.

We’re Here for You 7 Days A Week

What makes us the best Phoenix gun shop is the unique ability of our customers to reach us pretty much 24 hours a day in many different ways.  We utilize a live chat accessible on all of our pages at the bottom right, and even have a phone number that customers can text whenever they want (602) 641-4666!  On the other end you’ll always find an experienced Phoenix Pawn and Guns pawnbroker who can help you answer any questions on buying, loaning, pawning, or selling guns.  They can even help you look at our other pawn options, and provide quotes.

Phoenix Pawn and Guns is happy to be the leading gun shop to Phoenix, Glendale, and Tempe.  Come down and get fast cash for your guns today no matter the situation!

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