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When one thinks of shotguns, the shock and awe of their effectiveness comes to mind. Not a conspicuous as handguns, but has nearly unmatched short-range stopping power. Yes, shotguns can keep the bad guys at bay, but it also can serve another purpose: keeping unexpected bills at bay as well. Phoenix Pawn and Guns encourages Handgun owners to Pawn Shotguns with us.

Wouldn’t That Put My Safety At Risk If I Pawn Shotguns?

Hardly. If you’re a gun owner, you would probably have more than one firearm. It’s not our intention to put you in harms way by relinquishing your deterrence for the pawn loan; that said, we would have to hold onto the firearm should you decide to go with the shotgun pawn loan. Also understand that bills don’t fear firearms; at all. So while you maintain your weapon on your side, just know you have the means to also get bills at bay as well.

What Brands of Shotguns Interest You?

There are several to choose from, but the ones that are the most common are the following:

So How Does a Customer Pawn Shotguns?

The process is straightforward, but will require some paperwork on the customer’s end to be filled prior to our store handingPawn Shotguns for a 90 day cash loan | Phoenix Pawn & Gold you the cash you need. Simply bring in the firearms to use for collateral. We’ll provide an assessment based on the current loan-to-value for that particular firearm and will then offer a pawn loan for it. Should you agree to the amount we offer, the paperwork will need to be filled out and the cash is given to you shortly. Keep in mind, we offer a 90 day time frame to pay off that loan. Should you need more time, just pay the interest on that loan. However if you want to walk away from this loan, we’ll use the firearm as the payment for that loan and we won’t come after you.

What Makes Phoenix Pawn & Guns Stand Above The Rest?

As a Pawn Shop, Phoenix Pawn & Guns has provided multiple services to our surrounding Phoenix residents for over a decade.  Whether you live in Phoenix or any of the nearby Valley Cities, we’ll offer you the best cash offers on pawn loans for firearms. So drive on over by yourself, or come on in with a friend. We’ll be a helping hand up, to get you the most fast cash possible!