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Phoenix gun owners and aficionados REJOICE! If you need a Phoenix Gun Broker, Phoenix Pawn and Guns is open for business.

Our Gun Brokers Know How To Assess Value

Not like the traditional brokers of real-estate and stock markets, we are more of a place to make deals in regards to pawn loans and also to handle of transfers of firearms. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of evasive middlemen, we can solve that problem by being the one-stop broker. We’re also easy to find and reach should you have additional issues in regards to the firearms you have requested for transfer.

So How Would You Handle Gun Transfers As A Phoenix Gun Broker?

Gun Transfers are based on our FFL License, and are limited to non-Class III weaponry/ordinances. The primary reason isFirearms transfers at your local FFL Dealer - Phoenix Pawn & Guns we want to provide quality efficient transfers and pawn loans so you’re not left out with the money or guns you need. It is imperative we provide this information up front so that our customers are aware of the scope of our business.

And What About Pawning Guns?

That’s our bread and butter! We offer a multitude of pawn options for all forms of firearms we handle, such as handguns, rifles, shotguns, and more! We base the loan-to-value on the model and gun brand of that firearm. A helpful tip for those interested is to hold onto the receipt of the firearm (if they still have it) along with any and all accessories that come with the firearm EXCLUDING the bullets. Keep those. We won’t need the bullets. Finally, we do need to make sure you have the appropriate paperwork in regards to your ownership of the firearm and to also have an Arizona State Issued Driver’s License that is both CURRENT and VALID.

That’s Pretty Basic For A Phoenix Gun Dealer

It looks basic at first, but once you come to our store and partake of our services, you will see that we’re able to handle thisPhoenix Pawn and Guns and more. Our staff is fully capable to provide the best service to broker your need for firearms or cash on hand. See why customers from not on Phoenix, but from Glendale, Tempe, and more come to Phoenix Pawn and Guns for their services.