Whether used for target practice, self-defense or recreation, handguns are a reliable firearm sought by many.  Because a majority of these firearms are reliable, accurate and comfortable to shoot.  This is why pistols and revolvers quickly become a staple in a gun collection.  As a result, a gun collection becomes a monetary investment that can be a fees able way to a stack of cash quickly.  Phoenix Pawn & Guns makes the best cash offers when you sell handguns by themselves or with their accessories.  .  

Sell Handguns of Any Size, Caliber & Brand

No matter if your handgun is small and compact or heavier and have double stack magazines, we want to buy your handguns.  There are no exclusions or limitations based on the make or model of handguns we buy.  Here is a just a sample of handguns we have bought and sold in our store:

  • SIG Sauer
    • P226
    • P365
    • P938
    • P320
  • Springfield 
    • XD
  • Colt
    • Woodsman
    • 1911
    • Python
  • Beretta 92
  • Walther
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Glock
    • 17
    • 19
    • 43
  • Ruger
  • And Any Other Brands You Bring In!

Get the Most Cash Possible from Selling Handguns

Here's some helpful hints to get the most amount of cash when you sell handguns to Phoenix Pawn & Guns:

  1. Bring in your handgun in pristine condition.
  2. Have all accessories that came with initial sale of firearm with you, along with any gun accessories and ammo bought for this pistol or revolver,
  3. In addition, bring in original box or packaging and the receipt of purchase.

Our Valuation of Handguns

The appraisal starts with assessing a handgun's aesthetic appeal and exterior condition.  This is to ensure that there are no marks or scuffs that will detract its appeal to potential buyers.  After that, the internal mechanics will be examined to verify that it s in good working condition and able to fire.  Once those two factors are considered, we refer to the market's resale value according to that make and model.  As a result, our associate will be able to calculate a proposal and present the best cash offer to you.

All of our assessments are complimentary and there is no obligation to accept our cash offers.  

*Click on the bottom right of the screen to be connected with an associate now.  You can get the answers you need, an estimate of an appraisal, and start the paperwork on-line prior to arriving to our location!

Sell Handguns in original box for the most cash possible!

Putting the Cash in Your Hand Within Minutes

Once our cash offer is accepted, we will need a couple of things to complete the sale.  The first thing is a valid and current Arizona Driver's License or ID and is required by law to sell firearms.  Followed by a few signatures where needed to validate the transaction;.  After that, we will quickly be counting out the cash offer and you will be leaving with a pocket full of cash.  From the time you enter Phoenix Pawn & Guns, until handing you a stack of cash can take as little as 10 minutes.  



Some gun owners are not willing to sell their handguns, yet still need quick access to cash.  Although we take pride in being a valuable gun broker in Phoenix, we are a solid and reliable pawn shop that Phoenix relies on!  You can secure a cash loan with the value of your handgun and have 90 days to satisfy the loan.  During that time, your firearm is kept safe and secure in our vault, returning to you in the same condition it was received.  Please ask our associate of the options available to get cash in your hands that fits your needs!

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