Handguns For Pawn Loans?

January 26, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Most gun owners never consider the possibility that a handgun can be used outside of deterrence or competition. Well, it can. In fact, considering that we are a pawn shop of sorts, we encourage the use of handguns for pawn loans. It’s another way to let your passion and your means of protection further defend you from debt or bills, or may further enhance your finances as well!

How do Handguns Make This Happen?

Well, the handguns themselves act as collateral for the pawn loan. This collateral is the loan-to-value needed to get you the cash from it in which we offer a loan for that cash. Naturally, this is based on the brand of the firearm as well. A good example is the Colt Single Action Army. After all, the gun brand and recognition help with the extra cash. If anything, handguns follow the same procedure as that of any pawn loan collateral.

How Do Pawn Loans Work, Then?

The process is thus: First, you would bring the items (in this case, the handguns) to our store. We’ll offer an assessment and loan amount. Should you agree, we setup the paperwork and then have you fill out that paperwork. Then you get the cash. It’s worthwhile to note that having the original receipt can further authenticate the firearm as well as any accessories that came with it. That said, you can keep the bullets as they are of no value to us. The only real difference is that there may be federal paperwork required along with the

That’s What Oro Chandler Guns can offer me?

Indeed it is. While we’re not a traditional gun shop, we do have the capability to let you pawn your guns. To us, they are no different than any other item you purchase and setup for pawning. Once you decide with us, you are given up to 90 days to pay us back. During that time, you have the option to either pay the full amount back, pay the interest to extend the time of the loan (we then rewrite the amount needed to pay back; we can’t let the loan run forever), or you can let us use the handgun itself to cover the remaining fee. These are the options that make Oro Chandler Guns stand out as the premier shop of the Valley of the Sun. So no matter where you are in Phoenix, or the surrounding Valley cities, Phoenix Pawn and Guns will get you the most cash for your needs when you pawn handguns with us!

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