Most gun owners never consider the possibility that a handgun can be utilized for its value, to help you when you need cash.  Well, it can.  In fact, considering that we are a pawn shop, we know how useful handguns are for pawn loans.  It’s another way to let your passion and your means of protection, defend you in other ways.  For instance, from debt or bills, or may further enhance your finances as well!

How do Handguns Make This Happen?pawn handguns for cash on 90 day loan - Phoenix Pawn & Guns

Well, the handguns themselves act as collateral for the pawn loan. This collateral is the loan-to-value needed to get you the cash from it in which we offer a loan for that cash. Naturally, this is based on the brand of the firearm as well. A good example is the Colt Single Action Army. After all, the gun brand and recognition help with the extra cash. If anything, handguns follow the same procedure as that of any pawn loan collateral.

How Do Pawn Loans Work, Then?

The process is easy… First, you would bring the items the handguns to our store. It is advised, to bring in your handgun in itsPawn handguns, bringing it in its best possible condition, with all the paperwork, accessories and case it came in when you bought it. very best condition, along with all of the extras and accessories that it came with at the time of purchase.  In addition, bring along the case that it was sold in, paperwork, and the sales receipt.  Having everything gathered and present, will increase your cash offer.

The pawnbroker will take your items, and ensure that everything is present, that should be.  After that, they will examine the exterior’s condition of the firearm, and its overall aesthetic appeal.  Followed by, examining the internal condition of the firearm, to ensure that it is in good working condition.  Finally, the pawnbroker will refer to the current market value of the same make and model of the handgun, and based on that, present you with a cash offer.

After accepting an offer, the contract of the pawn loan will be prepared.  It will include the terms of the loan, the interest rate that will accrue daily, and the amount due at the end of the 90 days.  After that, they will need to your valid and current Driver’s License, and a few signatures.  Once that is said and done, they will count out the offer in cash,  and hand it to you.

The Pawn Loan & Its Collateral

For the duration of the loan, your handgun is kept safe and sound, in our locked facility.  And, there it stays until you pay offGet the most cash for pawn loans at Phoenix Pawn & Guns the loan, or the contract expires.  Which ever comes first.

The only requirement, is for the loan to be paid in full, before the pawn loan expires.  Therefore, you can pay off the loan, in one lump sum, at anytime during the loan.  Or you can choose to come in and make payments towards the loan, to chip away at total amount due.  It is completely up to you,  Once the loan is paid in full, the pawnbroker will retrieve your firearm, and hand it back to you in the same condition it was received.

If you are unable to satisfy the loan prior to it expiring, go talk to your pawnbroker.  Because most will work with you.  Most pawn shops will let you pay the interest that has accrued only, and then rewrite the loan for another 90 days. Or, if you want to be relieved of any further obligation to the loan, you can relinquish to the store, at any time during the loan.

Advantages Phoenix Pawn & Guns Offers

Whether you are seeking to pawn or sell your handgun, we strive to make the best offers, and be the pawn shop that putsPhoenix Pawn and Guns the cash in your hands.  In addition, our offers to pawn a valuable, rather than sell, is only slightly less than our buying offer.  Therefore, you will not incur excessive additional charges just because you are pawning your firearm, instead of selling outright.  Lastly, if you come to us, we’ll always work with you so you don’t lose your valuables that you’ve pawned, if the loan is about to default.  We honestly are here to help you, not stress you out more!

These are the options that make Phoenix Pawn & Guns stand out as the premier shop of the Valley of the Sun.  Because, Phoenix Pawn and Guns will get you the most cash possible when you pawn handguns with us!